Nebulae I HIGH FLOW Laparoscopic Insufflation System

CO2 Insufflation for all minimally invasive laparoscopic, surgical procedures

  • High Performance: High Flow (50L per minute)
  • Gas Warming: Warms CO2 before it enters the patient, to reduce the potential for hypothermia during surgery.
  • Automatic and Mechanical Pressure Relief for greater patient safety
  • The TAP™ Feature: A proprietary, independent method for directly measuring abdominal pressure. The benefits are faster, initial insufflation and faster recovery from sudden leaks. Reduces the “breathing effect” common to standard insufflation.
  • Automatically adjusts to low and high pressure CO2 gas supplies on a dual tank configuration with a shuttle valve system.
7-650-00 product image of Nebulae I

Nebulae I Laparoscopic Insufflator

  • 50 liters per minute flow
  • Variable Pressure Relief
  • CO2 gas source recognition, cylinder or wall supply
  • Gas Warming
  • TAP™ True Abdominal Pressure Sensing

The Nebulae I Insufflator uses the following accessories
(Sold Separately)

  • # 7-510-52 General Use, Filtered Insufflation Tubing
  • # 7-510-31 TAP™ Tubing for pressure sense
  • # 6-820-00 Warmer Assembly Cables (2 Recommended)


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