The newest member of your surgical team.

The NEBULAE® SRS provides an enhanced operating environment, functioning intuitively and allowing surgical staff to focus on the procedure rather than equipment management.

  • Evacuate Smoke

    Continuously evacuate smoke without the need for OR staff management.

  • Warm CO₂ Gas

    NEBULAE® In-line CO₂ Gas Warmer* delivers warm CO₂ gas at near body temperature.

  • Contain Surgical Smoke

    Closed-loop function of managing surgical smoke minimizes the exposure to staff and patient.

  • Maintain Stable Pneumo

    Avoid loss of pneumo pressure due to smoke evacuation to achieve consistent, stable, and safe pneumoperitoneum thresholds.

  • Avoid CO₂ Gas Management Distractions

    Avoid excess usages of CO₂ gas and exchange of CO₂ gas cylinders due to smoke evacuation.


To learn more, watch the NEBULAE® SRS video

A Quiet Assistant

A low-noise active smoke evacuator , NEBULAE® SRS stands quietly in the background to provide clear visualization without the burden of traditional active smoke evacuation.