Create a secure and robust pneumoperitoneum.
Achieve a better laparoscopic peri- and postoperative experience.

The NEBULAE™ I system is a high flow laparoscopic insufflator system that provides a flow rate of up to 50 L per minute of temperature controlled CO2 gas. It incorporates proprietary True Abdominal Pressure (TAP) technology that provides uninterrupted flow of gas to maintain a robust and consistent pneumoperitoneum. The highly visible, easy-to-use touch screen enables quick setup and provides intraoperative adjustments that are suitable for use in the following procedures:

  • Robotic Laparoscopic
  • General Laparoscopic
  • Pediatric Laparoscopic
  • Bariatric Laparoscopic
  • Minimally Invasive Vessel Harvesting

TAP, True Abdominal Pressure

NTI’s proprietary TAP technology eliminates the need for the primary CO2 gas delivery line to monitor pressure, thus eliminating the “breathing effect”; that jerky motion that can occur during the laparoscopic procedure. Since 2000, the TAP technology has been used in many clinical settings. For information on this technology, please click here.

High-flow CO2 gas delivery to the trocar

NTI’s proprietary disposable high-flow CO2 gas delivery tubing set is the only tubing set designed to deliver 50 L per minute flow to the trocar with the NEBULAE™ I system. Its luer connector connects to any standard luer adapter. In a high-leakage environment, the NEBULAE™ I system with its high-flow CO2 gas delivery and TAP tubing sets work harmoniously in maintaining the set pressure in the pneumo.

Maintaining the optimal working environment

NTI’s in-line CO2 gas warmer system allows CO2 gas supplied to inflate the peritoneum to arrive at core body temperature.  Published studies have demonstrated less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery time associated with a moist pneumoperitoneum that maintains a temperature close to the body’s core temperature during the laparoscopic procedure.  For information on NTI’s gas warmer system, please click here.

Intuitive and informative touchscreen interface

The software and graphical user interface on the NEBULAE™ I system is designed to provide simple and intuitive controls. This allows OR staff members to quickly setup the system by procedure type and readily observe the state of the insufflation system. The NEBULAE™ I system provides five operating modes: General Laparoscopic, Bariatric, Pediatric, Vessel Harvesting and Custom. In each of the five operating modes, Pressure, Verres Flow and High Flow settings are selectable in predefined clinically recommended operating ranges.

CO2 gas management

The NEBULAE™ I system can be configured to accommodate CO2 gas from a cylinder or central supply source. During start-up, the NEBULAE™ I system initiates a CO2 gas supply check and indicates its availability. When the NEBULAE™ I system is configured with a dual-tank shuttle valve system, it facilitates continuous in-line pressure to the insufflator while changing the tank, avoiding an undesirable interruption in the procedure.