Tailor your experience when you need it most

The NEBULAE® I System is a flexible and cost-effective insufflation system that provides higher clinical performance. The modular design allows the surgeons to enhance their procedure at any given time, alleviating the need to commit to an expensive setup at the onset of the operation.

  • Maintain a stable pneumo with high-flow smoke evacuation

    NEBULAE® TAP Sensing Tubing Set creates a stable pneumo by accommodating up to 45 LPM of leakage.¹

  • Closed-pneumo

    The system operates in a "closed-pneumo" environment, keeping unfiltered operating room air out of the pneumo.

  • Use standard trocars

    The NTI® designed high-flow luer connector is engineered to work with any standard trocar for optimal flow.

  • Operate in higher definition

    Enhance your existing 4K experience with High-flow Smoke Evacuation Tubing Set to remove smoke and In-line CO₂ Warmer to prevent fogging of the endoscope.²

1. Maintain a stable pneumo


The NEBULAE® TAP Sensing Tubing Set allows to maintain a stable pneumo pressure of 4 to 30 mmHg with leakage/evacuation.¹

  • Continuously monitors pneumo pressure without interrupting CO₂ gas flow.
  • Stabilizes pneumo during any laparoscopic procedure that requires rapid smoke evacuation.

2. Rapid smoke evacuation


The NEBULAE® High-flow Smoke Evacuation Tubing Set works with the NEBULAE® TAP Sensing Tubing Set and a suction system to continuously remove smoke, allowing OR staff to operate in a clear surgical field.

  • Quickly removes smoke up to 20 LPM with stable pneumo.¹ ²
  • Works with house suction or portable suction devices.
  • Removes 99.999% of particulates greater than 0.12 micron that pose a health risk to OR staff.

3. Deliver high-flow of CO₂ gas from House Gas and Cylinder

Maximum-flow up to 50 LPM

The NEBULAE® I System can deliver up to 50 LPM of flow to the trocar in both House Gas and Cylinder mode.

  • In House Gas mode, the NEBULAE® I System can maintain high-flow even when a CO₂ gas pressure drops to 30 psi during surgery.

¹ Data on file
² In use with NEBULAE® TAP Sensing Tubing Set

To learn more, watch the NTI® and NEBULAE® I System video