The AUTOLITH® Uro-TOUCH System is a safe and effective electronic device capable of cracking renal calculi of virtually any size and composition. The System is compatible with two sizes of disposable probes specifically for urological procedures.  The software controlled settings provides real time probe life usage and replacement prompts during fragmentation.   The AUTOLITH® Uro-TOUCH System from Northgate Technologies, Inc. is a time-tested tool for urologists and surgeons who have a comprehensive stone management program.

This portable device delivers Bipolar electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL) through flexible probes that are fully compatible for use with urologic cystoscope or ureteroscope access systems for the kidney, ureter and bladder.


  • Time-tested: NTI has an innovative history of designing and manufacturing lithotripsy devices since 1992.
  • Portable: Device is ready to be hand carried and set up on most mobile carts.
  • Powerful: Probe tips resist tip degradation and help control unwanted lateral energy forces.
  • Affordable:  EHL technique is often 60% less costly than laser systems with the same efficacy. 
  • Selectable Modes of Operation:   User can customize the ranges for probe power output and the number of pulses delivered.
  • Touch Screen Control:  User preferences and language settings are easily managed. 
  • Easy Operation: Foot pedal allows for user-controlled power output.
  • Deliberate: Effective for treating stones that are confined to tight spaces and large, difficult-to-fragment stones.
  • Low Maintenance:  Expensive annual service contracts, typical for lasers, are not required for EHL.

The AUTOLITH® URO-TOUCH System for Urinary Calculi
Item Number 9-203-00

Each System Includes:

  • Extender Cable
  • Pneumatic Foot-Switch
  • Power Cord
  • Operation Manual
  • CD w/Multiple Language Translations of the Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide



Disposable EHL probes are sold separately.
For Stones in the urinary system:
Item number:      9-203-1203
Size:                   1.9fr. /.6 mm Ureteral Probe
Length:               120cm

Sterile Disposable EHL probes are packaged 3 probes per box.