The AUTOLITH® TOUCH System is a safe and effective electronic device capable of cracking biliary calculi of virtually any size and composition. 

The System delivers bipolar electrohydraulic lithotripsy (EHL) through flexible probes that are fully compatible with endoscopic access systems for biliary stone fragmentation. The system offers a disposable probe design (1.9 Fr probe) developed to address minimally invasive biliary procedures. The AUTOLITH® Touch System touchscreen allows users to modify power levels and pulse settings with ease, and its software provides real-time usage statistics and probe replacement prompts.


  • Safe, Bipolar EHL Probe: Designed to deliver optimal power while remaining safe to surrounding tissue. Chamfered tip edges reduce binding in cholangioscopes.
  • Directed Energy: Probes are designed to deliver optimal power while remaining safe to surrounding tissue. 
  • Selectable Modes of Operation: The system allows the user selectable ranges for both the probe power output as well as the number of pulses delivered. 
  • Touch Screen Control: User preferences, including language choice and alerts, are easily controlled and managed via touch screen. 
  • Portable and FAST: The system can be easily hand carried and set up on most any mobile cart at a moment’s notice.
  • Affordable: EHL technique are often 60% less costly than laser systems with the same efficacy. 
  • Proven System: Northgate Technologies is the global leader in the manufacturing and distribution of EHL equipment with more than 25 years of experience, with safe and effective systems installed worldwide. 
  • Clinicians use more than 10,000 probes per year, across the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Japan

Each System Includes:

  • Extender Cable
  • Pneumatic Foot-Switch
  • Power Cord
  • Operation Manual
  • CD w/Multiple Language Translations of the Operation Manual
  • Quick Reference Guide



Disposable EHL probes are sold separately.
Item number 9-202-2501
Size: 1.9fr. / .6mm
Length: 250 cm

Item number: 9-202-3751 
Size: 1.9fr. /.6 mm 
Length: 375cm 
For use with the Boston Scientific SpyGlass Scope

Item number: 9-202-3751DS
Size: 1.9fr. / .6mm 
Length: 375cm 
For use with Boston Scientific SpyGlass DS Scope 

Sterile Disposable EHL probes are packaged 1 probe per box.